These words become reality every time two people who are right for each other find themselves in the wrong timing. I know a lot of people who don’t believe in wrong timings. I probably wouldn’t either if it hadn’t happened to me. I was head over heels for somebody whoContinue Reading

You fall in love. You feel like you’re on cloud nine. You don’t think about your problems anymore. You have your rose-colored glasses on and the only thing you think about is him. Then, in the blink of an eye, you start feeling something that you haven’t felt before. YouContinue Reading

BIVŠOJ manekenki prije šest mjeseci se potpuno promijenio život – postala je majka malene Lily, s kojom trenutno uživa na prvom zajedničkom ljetovanju. Uz njih je i Anitin suprug Duncan Broadfoot, najvjerojatnije zaslužan za pokoju vruću fotku kojima 34-godišnja dekoraterka setova časti fanove na Instagramu. Anita s obitelji boravi naContinue Reading